Monday, November 19, 2007


Few more hours before I leave Melbourne for Sydney.

Was getting all nostalgic packing my three years of Melbourne into 5 boxes.

Waited all morning for moving company to move them to Sydney.

And then darn moving company did not come!

In fact, for some strange reason, they deleted my booking.

ARGHHHHHH!! Stupid stupid moving company.

And to top it off, when I called them again, they asked me if I wanted insurance on my stuff. I was thinking, 'WTH! Just get my stuff to Sydney!'

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dinner at Asatsuki 8:45pm Wednesday Night

Haven't had the chance to take photographs of all the wonderful meals I had this week...including Tenren, Replete Providore which has amazing ricotta hotcakes and corn fritters, and Chocolate Buddha (Japanese curry with tempura prawns...yummmm). However, did remember to whip out the camera at Asatsuki which is a really small, almost claustrophobic-ish small 12 seater cafe in East Malvern. The food was fantastic. Crumbed butterfish. Eggplant with sweet miso. Soft shell crab pancakes. Seared beef. Octopus balls. This is the first Japanese cafe I've been to where the owners or wait staff aren't Japanese but mixed. And the food does steer away from the usual sushi sashimi with more, according to Eu, authentic Japanese fare. Will be back there to try the rest of the menu!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lost in Translation: The Eyebrow Incident

Some things you learn through other people's mistakes, and some through experience.

I learned through observation today that one should never wear a cleavage baring top with a bum grazing denim mini and sky hight heels. Even if you have tights under the skirt. It makes one look like a hooker feeling cold in winter.

And I learned through experience that you should never let your eyebrows get done by someone who doesn't speak the same language as you. I was trying to sign language to my Korean eyebrow stylist who doesn't speak any English at all that one side of my eyebrows droop downwards and if she could make it more arched. She took it that I didn't like my eyebrows and waxed half of it off.