Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I was looking through some old journals I wrote when I was in Penn and this made me smile....

"So it hit me, as I sit in the Philadelphia airport food court, eating my long awaited egg sandwich, waiting for my flight to Vancouver, how surreal this is. Waiting to see my parents I have not met for 3 months. Flying alone. Again. Something that I have fallen in love with.

I muse, how different life has turned out. Right here, in the middle of the paging messages, surrounded my strangers, I suddenly feel more at peace than I ever have. With myself.

How differently life has turned out.

I remember how a year back I wrote in a blog entry about being in a different place from where I was suppose to be, doing a different subject from what I was suppose to do and being in a different person's room from the one I am use to being in. And it was about how I have relinquished being Cherry, and became Charissa.

Today I write that again. Sitting in a different country, with different people, different sensations. Different emotions. And most importantly, I have became comfortable with being Charissa.

I took that step to pursue a crazy dream of coming to America, and after pouring over guidebooks and websites, I am finally here.

Ralista was right. You can never plan too much in life. Because there will always be greater things coming your way that you have never expected.

I am living my dream. Right here, in my teal plastic chair, beauty from the neon red pizza sign, I feel like I am in the centre of my little Universe, right beside Him. "

I am three times removed from that writing, but still feeling every bit of it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My 6 Hour Chicken Pie

Who knew an innocent looking chicken pie would be so hard to make? It took 6 hours of making the pastry from flour, butter and water, blisters from the rolling pin, and 4 botched attempts due to recipe typos and burning butter. I will never look at a Jester's pie in the same way again.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Maid CosCafe

This cafe in Chijmes is based on the Japanese hobby of Cosplay, where people dress up as anime, manga or J-pop/rock characters. In this cafe the waitresses dress up as french maids. And they call you master. That explains the massive number of guys in the cafe. The best part, the cafe is opened by a 16 year old. Which also explains why the red wine came chilled, the japanese curry tasted like spicy risotto, the kebab was charred on the outside and raw on the inside, and the best part of the meal was the coke float. But hey, give her chance man. All I could do as a 16 year old was to bribe my classmates to do my home economics homework and make a lousy scramble egg dish.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Superstar Theory of Life

"When you are in high school, you always think that you are going to be that successful professional, the one people ask for dinners, the one that attends the meetings, the one that carries the brief case to work, the one that will achieve something in your given field. Then you go to uni or start your internship, and realise that the world is filled with mediocre hardworking people, who struggle 30-40 years of their lives, only to stay in lower-mid management position, who never get promoted, and who do the same thing everyday of their lives, only to realise at 45 that they have achieved nothing. And then you realise that your chance of becoming one of them far outweighs any chance of success. There is only one or two famous architect, doctor, lawyer, actor or marketing guru in every generation. The rest just slave by in their shadows with no recognition or reward. And those 'rest' is most probably you. This is disillusionment." ~ over dinner with Dino at Thai Express

Monday, January 22, 2007

When Singapore tries to rationalise increasing GST, they compare Singapore to developed countries like Australia, UK and the EU where tax is higher.

When they want to rationalise not increasing workers' wages, they compare Singapore to other developing countries like India and Vietnam, reminding us that higher wage also means lowered competitiveness.

You are either a developed or developing country. Bloody choose a side for goodness sake.

Meatball Quail Eggs

Made Meatball wrapped quail eggs for dinner today. It was really easy! Combine mince meat, chopped water chestnuts, chopped prawns, chopped mushroom, chopped garlic, coriander, chili powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil and seasoning. Marinate overnight in fridge. Boil quail eggs. Wrap meat paste around egg and shape into a ball. Coat with bread crumbs and deep fry. This is going to be my reunion dinner contribution.

My First Home Made Bread

Three hours, one electricity trip and an oven transfer later, my first loaf of bread. Honey raisin wholemeal bread. Tasted really good with apricot almond cognac jam. Many more to come in the next week!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

An Accidental Tour Guide

I am seriously considering a career in tourism.

The last one week have been spent promoting Singapore's sights to my overseas friends. First was the mission team to India from my home church in Melbourne. They missed a connecting flight to India and got stuck in Singapore for 8 hours. I had a great time showing them the nicest parts of Singapore. Now they think Singapore only has pretty white colonial buildings, colourful boathouses and a giant spiky arts centre.

Me: This is my church in Singapore. (pointing to St Andrew Cathedral)
Pastor Rob: Is it evangelical?
Me: I don't know. Maybe. Sometimes I guess. I think my priest is.

I had no idea what evangelical meant. Despite having grown up in a church. I just found out it meant that the church preaches the gospel. No wonder he looked worried. Either because he thinks that there is something wrong with my church, or that I am so doctrinally unsound I should be removed from Children's ministry.

The day after the team left, Ryan came from the Netherlands for four days. It was fun and laughter. We clubbed and drank at The Clinic, Dblo, Thumper and Zouk, went to the civic district and orchard. The main reason why I was there was to keep Ryan out of the zoo. And he insisted on going to the Night Safari.

Also there was a story of a British exchange student who got so plastered in Dblo, she passed out in the toilet, woke up, crawled from the toilet through the club and into a cab. Crawled from the cab back to her dorm room. Had to be a Brit, Ryan said, being the massive drinkers they are.

I went to a career conference and tried to talk the Singapore Tourism Board into posting me in Australia. Their answer was a straight no. Then I realised the aim of the conference was to get Singaporean students studying overseas to come back to Singapore. Oh well, at least I got a free keychain from them.

Friday, January 19, 2007

This Proofs That Money Cannot Buy Style

My Favourite Dressies From the Golden Globes

I actually kinda like Cameron Diaz's cake looking looks like a giant cloud...

How to Pick Up a Girl - Tips from Europe

My two friends who are asian by descent but have been brought up in europe all their lives seem alot more confident in picking up girls at a club.

So there was this really hot girl with some really smooth moves on the podium, and a bunch of guys below the podium just cheaking her out. Every guy wants to make a move, but all they can muster is a) bumping into her b) asking me if she is hot. You know what really sucks in a club. Having random guys ask you if you think another girl is hot. And then guys asking you to hold their drink while they try to pick up the hot girl. I experienced both tonight. The second one was a joke. I hope.

My friend walks right up to her, and ask three simple questions. Are you single? Do you like guys or girls? Can you cook? The third one supposedly thrown in for fun. Within minutes he is dancing with her. In 15 minutes he got her number. So I'm guessing the key to picking up a girl at a club is to keep it simple. Because she most probably can't hear you. Or she's drunk.

My other friend went up to a tall leggy model-looking girl and asked if she is single and if she is a model. He came back and told us she was a man.

Monday, January 15, 2007

There Goes the Diet I Guess

Oh my gosh...I stumbled upon this delectable cupcake website while looking for baking schools. I am so close to clicking order right now except that I don't have $60 and I can't finish a dozen cupcakes. I tore through the kitchen looking for something sweet to stop my stomach from eating itself. And the best part, it is available in Singapore. I am so having this for my future wedding. Pot luck void deck wedding? Wedding in the zoo? Who cares as long as I have my fill of cupcakes. Bob....I wan cupcake.....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Do We Even Need Sex to Sell a Period Drama?

Just watched Curse of the Golden Flower. Didn't know they had push-up bras and clevage revealing bodices in ancient china. Also didn't know they had glitter nail polish, golden eye shadow and black bobby pins (I spotted one in Gong Li's hair) in the past.

Well it sure is one hell of a screwed up family where anything taboo happens. And I thought the greeks were screwed up.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Screw the vegetarian diet. The minute I told my parents I was going vegetarian, the entire fridge was stocked with meat. Bacon, ham, beef, chicken, you name it, we've got it.

Me: I'm cooking beef stew. Shit..I can't take beef.
Dad: Why you so selfish? Why can't you cook it for us, and you can have the vegetables.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day One of a Meatless Existence

Mum tempted me out of my diet by bringing me to one of the best laksa place in Singapore. I encircled the stall three times before giving in to my carnal desires. Had half a bowl and ate three cockles. Since cockles don't move much, I don't consider them animal.

Besides that, tuna on toast for lunch, sesame paste for dessert, long beans and tofu for dinner.

This is alot harder than I thought.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Workings of an Idle Mind

A few nights ago I dreamt I was a molecule on a boxing glove. And each time I was hit against the boxing bag or a fellow opponent, I would yell "Ouch!"

Last night I dreamt that my ex boyfriend and a few of his pals were in a room full of hookers. And a group of us busted their pre-nocturnal vice. Also, I was arguing with a knife-wielding acquaintance.

I sometimes wish I could videotape my dreams down because they sure make good movies. or at least youtube material.

I'm Turning Vegetarian ... and its not because I like animals

After my mum told me for the sixth time that I should stop wearing clothes too small for new bulkier self, and my dad thinks I have an addiction to crab (ok, so I did consume 4 curried softshell crab and was invovled in the partaking of 3kg of crab in 2 weeks), I have decided to go healthy vegetarian for 2 weeks. One more kg on the scale and I would be the exact same weight as my mum, except she is 3 decades older and had 2 children. So no meat (except fish) or seafood. Half my intake of carbs, and avoid oil. It is gonna be hard. Since I like to pour my rice into beef oil, and eat pork fat on its own. My favourite food is pork trotters. And my favourite part is the pork skin.

Oh ya..and i also need to work out. I swam two laps last week, nearly had a cardiac arrest, collapsed into my bed and slept for 4 hours. Then I woke up and ate. It was very pathetic.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Things I Digged Up While Spring Cleaning

Stumbled upon my "headshot" for theatre circa 2003. This was taken when I entered the Singapore Repertory Theatre Young Company. I notice I still had a chin 3 years ago.

Our Modern Poverty

I stood in my room, completely overwhelmed by my mess. I counted, a paper bag jammed with handbags. Over 20 pairs of shoes, some I have never ever wore before or remember buying. Bottles of virtually untouched lotions and creams, crammed into a straw basket. Rows of lipgloss, eye shadow and perfume. Clothes, double of every style and colour, brimming from my cupboard. Notebooks, all half empty, sit around. To add to the mess, coasters, souvenirs, photos and unwrapped presents.

and suddenly I felt extremely empty and hollow and meaningless and undeserving.

Dinner at Wild Rocket & Drinks at Fullerton Courtyard

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Melbourne Uni Here I Come...Again!

I got into honours!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!! Yipee doo!!!

I'm so happy I made myself a huge plate of fried eggplant to celebrate!! I also booked myself in for underarm waxing as a pat on the back.