Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Superstar Theory of Life

"When you are in high school, you always think that you are going to be that successful professional, the one people ask for dinners, the one that attends the meetings, the one that carries the brief case to work, the one that will achieve something in your given field. Then you go to uni or start your internship, and realise that the world is filled with mediocre hardworking people, who struggle 30-40 years of their lives, only to stay in lower-mid management position, who never get promoted, and who do the same thing everyday of their lives, only to realise at 45 that they have achieved nothing. And then you realise that your chance of becoming one of them far outweighs any chance of success. There is only one or two famous architect, doctor, lawyer, actor or marketing guru in every generation. The rest just slave by in their shadows with no recognition or reward. And those 'rest' is most probably you. This is disillusionment." ~ over dinner with Dino at Thai Express

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Anonymous said...

How depressing.