Sunday, April 30, 2006

And there goes money for that new pair of shoes....

This was the most expensive lunch i ever had, and most prob will ever have in the next couple of years. We trooped down to Morimoto, yes....THAT Morimoto of Iron Chef fame, to blow our one-week food allowance on some pretty fancy uncooked fish. The place was very chic and swanky. Very Sex and the City but without the sex, just alot of expensive fish that i have never heard of. Chie, Noriko and Yukino said it was as authentic as Japanese food gets. But until now i had no idea what i ate. It was seriously "oshi" though. Some sashimi pate, and then some sashimi, and then sushi, braised chilean seabass and finally a really rich chocolate mousse cake. All I know is that I was hungry again after two hours, and ended up at Beijing eating $8 beef noodles and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Well, there will be some pretty expensive shit going down the toilet bowl tonight. you can't look at sashimi in the same way anymore yeh.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Day 1 in Montreal at McGill. Such a pretty campus!! At the back of my mind i was thinking, damm...should have come to montreal for an exchange instead!! Posted by Picasa

Oooh this place has the best almond croissants i ever tasted. I took the term "melt-in-your-mouth" for granted until i tried this. It was so ephemerally light and tender.  Posted by Picasa

At the Centre Canadien d'Architecture. They had a very interesting exhibition on experiencing the city with 5 senses. Instead of just taking the sight of the city for granted, we got to smell the scent of rubbish and rain in the city, listen to sounds of cities around the world and touch the asphalt that make up the city. It was such a revealing exhibition. I lived in a city all my life but i never thought of it as a multi-sensory experience.  Posted by Picasa

Between us we have a bit of singapore, australia, taiwan, canada and america to share.  Posted by Picasa

The hustle and bustle of St Catherine Street, the artery of Montreal. It was lined with shops and cafes, very new york's fifth avenue meets paris' Champ-Elysees. Posted by Picasa

Day 2: Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde. The figures on the roof represent the patron saints of the Montreal parishes that contributed to the construction of this beautiful cathedrale.  Posted by Picasa

One of the exhibitions in the Museum of Contemporary Art. These were art work made by kids who were exposed to the art in the museum.  Posted by Picasa

It was interesting being in a chinatown where chinese looking people were speaking french.  Posted by Picasa

Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. This was one of the highlights of my trip. This basilica was designed by O'Donnell, a protestant architect who was so pleased with his handiwork that he became catholic. The neo-Romaneseque interior is complete with a blue vaulted ceiling studded with thousands of 24-karat gold stars. I walked in to the stirrings of a high school choir rehearsal, and just sat there for almost 90 minutes just listening to them and soaking in the place.  Posted by Picasa

This is actually the facade to Bistro Boris, Behind this restored facade of an old burned out building is one of the best alfresco dining in town. Posted by Picasa

That's rabbit and it was surprisingly delicious. Tasted like a cross between chicken and lamb.  Posted by Picasa

Vieux-Port-de-Montreal. Perfect perfect perfect!!! Its places like these that makes me want to live here forever! Posted by Picasa

Beaver's tail. i forgot what it was called in french, but it was the best dessert i had there. you can't beat fried bread, chocolate and bananas. It was perfect day-in-the-park food until we overheard an old lady questioning the safety of a young guy's "family jewels" when his bike ran into the curb.  Posted by Picasa

I was trying to clandestinely take pictures of my medival costume in the dressing room of a medival shop while patey keeps talking to drown out the noise of the camera.  Posted by Picasa

I never want to be so busy in life that I do not have time or patience to watch a street performance.  Posted by Picasa

We were the only ones watching his show at first and then sooner or later, everyone came. He was hilarious! Posted by Picasa

St Paul street in old Montreal was my favourite!! Restaurant, bars and quirky shops Posted by Picasa

Our dinner in the sugar shack where birthday people get a shot of alcohol and act like a horse on stage.  Posted by Picasa

The food was excellent. Served in traditional sugar shack style, this restaurant emulates how an old quebec tarven in the 1800s is like. Lots of beer thumping, wooden tables, people in funny costumes trying to talk to us, and a buffet of food made from maple syrup. Pie with syrup. Omelettes with syrup. Sausage links with syrup. Beans with syrup.  Posted by Picasa

The "marqee" and I .  Posted by Picasa

The bread and i.  Posted by Picasa

She was suppose to be a drunk housewife with 2 daughters and a farm. The woman on the left i mean, not Patey. Just in case you didn't get that from the cow maid costume.  Posted by Picasa

We have mai ya tang in singapore, and they have maple syrup on ice in montreal! It was awesome! This added to our sugar high and random yelling at tourists on our way back from the sugar shack.  Posted by Picasa