Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shabbat, a fashion show, a Christian concert and margaritas!

It has been an interesting weekend, and here I am on a Sunday afternoon, feeling very very guilty because I missed church, again. In fact it has been an interesting week where Jesus Week, Israel Week and Arab Heritage month coincide. I would like to believe its a political statement towards world peace! Or maybe just a random coincidence.

Friday evening. I was the only Asian standing awkwardly outside Hillel, the Jewish campus organization where they hold religious services. A whole group of young Jewish students turned around and looked at me inquisitively. Then my pastor from church so happen to walk by and looked very amused. Meg finally came and rescued me from my awkwardness. The Shabbat service was very interesting. It was in a small room, there was reading from the book of prayers, some singing, some standing which I had no idea when so I was always two steps behind everyone, some grape juice, candles and bread. According to Meg, there were conservative and orthodox ceremonies happening at the same time. We later went down for the community dinner, the meal before the Sabbath. It was the best dining hall food I ever had. We had Kugel, beans, ziti and herbed potato and a fish thing. Now I'm really looking forward to Passover at Deb's!

Friday night. Upenn fashion show. I have been looking forward to this all week long! Upenn students? Fashion? What? After being here for close to a year, I have became that polo tee welding, sweats in ugg boots girl with the gigantic tote bag. Just like how every other Upenn girl looks. The fashion show was a lot better than I expected. Some of the student designs could sell off haute couture shelves anytime. However some were less than inspiring. A white dress from H&M with some rope draped around it is not called fashion designing. Because it was a very sponsor heavy event, a lot of the clothes featured were from mainstream design houses. That led to seven guys walking out consecutively in different coloured polo tees and jeans. One had his jeans tucked in ugg boots. I was like: "Hey we just paid 10 bucks to see everyday Upenn students on a catwalk." The pairing of clothes was also very conservative for a fashion show. Orange shirt black skirt. Yellow tube black pants. Yes any colour with black, white or denim goes. Even I can do that. However the star of the event has to the Upenn student models. Some of them were gorgeous and so fluid. The others had all four limbs and two boobs going in different directions at the same time. Their upper body was bouncing to the music while their lower body was trying to balance in heels. Elise and I couldn't stop giggling.

Saturday evening. Full Measure concert, an amazing Christian acappella group set in a beautiful cathedral. I was blown away from the intensity. The sound mixing and mics weren't top notch and I felt that took away so much from the concert.

Saturday night. Mad for Mex six bucks 220z. margarita night. Self-explanatory.

So another end of a weekend where no homework got done.Next week brings a soup kitchen, never-ending Alaskan crab legs, the Honda Fit event, Spring Fling, Wicked the Musical and Cherry Bloosoms in DC. But now, its time to rush those homework!

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