Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Job is Making Me Fat!!

9:15am – consume miso soup

10am – wander over to reception area to eat chocolate coins

10:15am – accept call for hot chocolate

11am – eat corn with lots of butter

Noon – Lunch of pasta/veal/chicken rice

1pm – go to supermarket to buy Flake chocolate

1:30pm – tea with Flake chocolate

2pm – tea with cookies

3pm – wander over to reception area for more chocolate coins

3:45pm – eat grapes

4:15pm – wander over to Ama’s table for lindt’s chocolate with caramel centre

5pm – grab biscuit off Ade before heading out of the building

5:15om – grab deep friend potato cutlets on the way home

6pm - dinner

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Definitions in Life

When does a colleague become a friend? And when does an acquaintance cross the line to become a friend?

When does a boyfriend become a partner?

And how far away from the beach before bathers stop being bathers and become obscene spandex looking underwear?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sydney is Making Me Fat!

I have been shamelessly stuffing my face this weekend. I can no longer fit into my jeans without having to pop the button every time I sit down.

Deep Fried Mars Bar on Thursday at Bondi Junction with Mabel and friend was like an orgy of oil, batter and sugar in your mouth. You can feel the fat cruising through your body just looking for a place to plant its home. But its so freaking good. The chocolate melts and its all just a gooey mess in batter.

Cafe Sel et Poivre on Thursday dinner at Darlinghaust
One of the best french I've had. The confit de canard, which I found out is duck was hearty and fatty. Very french bistro with huge portions. Nothing pretentious about it. Even the handsomely grey-haired waiter in tight floral jeans. Like my mum's wall paper from Laura Ashley floral. Only the french can pull that off.

Brunch in the cafe next to Paddington market with Arlene and friend. Lemon poppyseed cupcake from The Cupcake Bakery. And then Dinner at Pancake on the Rocks. That place is like a must see for all tourists, and the first place Sydneysiders bring their touristy friends. It is something like Pancake Parlour, just in a really nice area. Drinks at Opera Bar facing the Habour Bridge to cap off the night.

Sunday Yum Cha at Zilver, touted as the best Yum Cha place in town. I actually preferred East Ocean, but Zilver's salt and pepper fried crab and watermelon dessert was good. Trying to get into the restaurant was like trying to get into the White House to interview Clinton after the Monica case. I was so close to pressing my thumb into the arm of an injured man to get my way in.

Photo Vomit from Whitsunday Holiday

Bob and I trying our hand at mini golf on Hamilton Island

Such blue waters and sky at the Coral Reef Jetty - minutes after jetskiing

Among overcast skies in Hamilton Island

We drove around in our mini bugees and hopped off to get a picture

'I want!' a pretty white wedding in a little white chapel on top of a little hill

Chilling out at the lounge of a posher hotel that we can't afford, since our backpackers only plays country techno to a very rowdy crowd

We spent a lot of time reading and chilling out during those horrid rainy days

The artificial beach in the middle of the real beach..this one is safe from stingers

By the pier at Arlie Beach

Camels on a tour along Arlie Beach

Along the walk to Abel Marina

The blue sky and sea was beautiful!

Along the Marina

On the boat sailing along to Knuckle Reef Pontoon

The coral reef during low tide

All geared up for snorkelling and playing with my sea noodles!

Sunset against Daydream Island

Onboard the Camira, the most turbulent and wettest sailing trip I have ever made. Thank God for seasickness pills!

Rigging the sails

The most famous beach in Australia: The Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Islands.

Off in a little dingy from the yatch to the island

Our little purple Camira yatch

The sand on Whitsunday Island is 90% pure silica sand which makes it look so fine and white. No resorts are allowed on the island in order to keep its pristine condition.

Yup that's our Whitsunday holiday. Drawing on the sand is so cliche. I love it!

Monday, June 18, 2007

In Cold Wet Sydney

This is the first time I am working/interning at some place that isn’t exactly home. Home being defined as a place I stay more than two months in. This is my second day at work in Sydney and I’m still feeling landsick from being on too many boats during the Whitsunday’s trip. Photos of that to come soon.

You never really appreciate how clean Melbourne is until you come to Sydney. My shoes look like they have been through the war with working through a few things that look like dead animals on my way to work.

But I am excited. Excited and slightly homesick. Considering that I work in the day, and Bob works at night, we still communicate through phone and text messages. We’ve gotten too use to a long distance relationship. And I have to entertain myself in a new place.

I’m signing up for pilates classes tonight, trying to find a gym, looking for the organic food co-op, trying out new recipes from my Japanese cookbook, indulging in fried mars bar on Thu with Mabel, going somewhere with Arlene on Sat and checking out the Sydney Olympics Park Pie fair on Sunday.

And watching a lot of TV.

It is like the first week of Philly all over again but more comfortable.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dilemmas in life

Would you rather your boyfriend/husband/partner etc cheat on you with a woman who is older than you or younger than you?

I was thinking about that question as I removed lint from my clothes today as an active step of procrastination.

Then I thought about how all women have an issue with women who are their juniors. Sex and the City had an entire episode about that. Something about them not being able to compete against 20-something year old women yada yada.

Is it because youth is such a prized procession in our society, so younger women have something that older women had? Or is it because it is always assumed that men are after the next youngest thing above the legal age that younger women are seen as the competition? Or is it that thing about how younger women still have shot at having it all?

Anyway I decided it would be better for my partner to run off a woman older than me rather than younger.

Next question, would you rather your partner cheat on you with a member of the same sex, or a member of the opposite sex?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Watching Shakespeare isn't exactly a walk in the park

During the interval of the MTC's rendition of Othello,

Me: Hey, they all die at the end.

An: Thanks, you just spoilt the ending for me.

Me: It's Shakespeare. We don't watch it for the surprise ending.

An: I might as well leave now.

Me: Eric just did. I also told him the ending.

I think in most Shakespeare plays, the main characters die at the end. In Othello, everyone that matters die. Except Iago. But he'll face trial and get hanged anyway. So basically besides the random extras, everyone died through murder or suicide. It's even more depressing than Macbeth, or Romeo & Juliet, or King Lear. Or Midsummer's Night Dream. But that was because Puck mooned the audience and I was unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it.

Ooh can't wait till King Lear and Seagulls arrive next semester. Sir Ian Mckellen!