Monday, December 12, 2005

The Life of Bob (9th Dec 05 - 13th Dec 05)

Things that happen to Bob since leaving for American soil:

1) Two out of four planes got grounded. He wasn't booked on the third one.

2) Saw a gun shop next to a bank in hawaii.

3) Saw a book called "Chicken Soup for the Hawaiian soul"

4) Freaking cab driver charged him US$34 for a short taxi ride.

5) Repeating Friday TWICE during his 30 hour long plane ride.

6) Got lost in Philadelphia airport because his stupid girlfriend forgot to find out which terminal he's arriving in.

7) Nearly died from stomach virus. Puked so hard people from the 2nd floor came up to the 4th floor to ask if someone was dying.

8) First official american meal was Bak Kut Teh from a malaysian restaurant. Happy that he didn't die from it.

9) Currently studying in the study lounge of Houston Hall after spending $2000 on a plane ticket to the states.

10) Having his girlfriend hide his ONLY pair of gloves. Oh by the way, its -3 deg celsius.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ronald Macdonald House
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Ronald Mac House Play Room
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Penn-for-Unicef Service Team
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Outside the Ronald Macdonald House
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The Annex Clean Team!
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mike's perfect snowman and Lumpy.

My ECF small group

Me smashed in snow.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It started snowing at about 6:30pm on monday night!! First falling snow I ever saw in my life! It was so beautiful. Mike and I just stood there and gape. I never knew it felt like that. Like tiny drops of ice! I insisted on crunching through the snow on the grass just to see footprints. Pounced on everyone i knew and shouted "SNOW!!!!"

Jonas taught me a new word in swedish. I forgot what it sounded like. But it meant " to smother your face in snow." And then he gave me an unprovoked practical demostration of the word.

It was perfect sticky snow. The type that would make a hard snowball and hurt. We made snowmen outside the annex. My first snowman. He's called lumpy. He's very special. In a very scary kind of way. Mike has 27 years of snowman making experience and he is anal about making his perfect. I'm just spatially retarded.

And then we got the text message: "College Green. Now. First ecf snowball fight of the year."

It was awesome to see the university alive with people tossing snowballs at each other at 2am on a school night. They decided that since I've never seen snow before, they would hold it REAL close to my face so that i can have a better smashed right between my eyes. And oh, well we're at it, lets scope her up and smash her face into snow too. Note: Look at picture with two guys and a hand sticking out. Face down!

We finished off the night with hot chocolate, buffalo wings and numb toes. Our snowmen continued standing outside the Annex for three more days before some asshole kicked it over and stomped on it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Selling out for free food

I say, if you were a literate homeless person who happens to have $100, spend it on a shirt, a tie, decent slacks and shoes. Then you can find out where companies are holding presentations in the Upenn campus, crash it and get free food. And hey, you might even get a job.

I've perfected the art of acting like a wharton business school kid. Ralph Lauren sweater over white shirt, black pants and pointy shoes. Throw in silver/leather strap watch and the head nod. You know...the "I- totally -know- what- you- are- talking- will- you- please- hire- me- cuz-I'm- sucking -your- ass" head nod.

And as a reward, I didn't have to pay for food in the last two days. And I'm not talking pizza kind of food. I'm talking shrimp roll, crab cake, cheese platter kind of food. And oh yes, those mini bottles of coke that fit very well in my handbag.

And all you have to do is sit through some company presentation and schmooze with people who are actually interested in getting a job at one of these companies.

Yeah you are right, I am cheap. But hey, i just spent my last fifty bucks on that abercombie sweater. I got no money left ok.