Monday, December 12, 2005

The Life of Bob (9th Dec 05 - 13th Dec 05)

Things that happen to Bob since leaving for American soil:

1) Two out of four planes got grounded. He wasn't booked on the third one.

2) Saw a gun shop next to a bank in hawaii.

3) Saw a book called "Chicken Soup for the Hawaiian soul"

4) Freaking cab driver charged him US$34 for a short taxi ride.

5) Repeating Friday TWICE during his 30 hour long plane ride.

6) Got lost in Philadelphia airport because his stupid girlfriend forgot to find out which terminal he's arriving in.

7) Nearly died from stomach virus. Puked so hard people from the 2nd floor came up to the 4th floor to ask if someone was dying.

8) First official american meal was Bak Kut Teh from a malaysian restaurant. Happy that he didn't die from it.

9) Currently studying in the study lounge of Houston Hall after spending $2000 on a plane ticket to the states.

10) Having his girlfriend hide his ONLY pair of gloves. Oh by the way, its -3 deg celsius.


Ryan said...

Yo! Time to post a new entry about your winter break experiences!

cherry said...

yo!! still in boston la...haha...its freezing here....will post when i get back to philly and have a computer without a time limit to it!! Hope all is fun in NL!!