Sunday, January 08, 2006

705 hours together

Seriously, I wished this winter break never ended. I know I tend to overstate, but the last month was simply the happiest month in my life. So many moments. Running through new york ten minutes before the vienna boys choir started. Froozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's. Chili burger and fries at Johnny Rockets. Statue of Liberty on a cloudy hailing day. Eating chocolates under the duvet. Being on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Centre and eating facing the top of the Empire State Building. Worshipping at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Having a real American Christmas with the Willis' in Delaware. Tracking down the orginal Cheer's Bull and Finch Bar in Boston. Free clubbing (when we expected to pay $100 cover charge) on new year's eve at Spice Market, an asian-inspired restaurant/bar/club dotted with beautifully dressed people. Long conversations over Oreo chocolate mudslide cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. Freezing in Boston. Seeing a $30,000 life-size soft toy giraffe at F.A.O Schwarz. Running for broadway tickets, 20 minutes before all the shows started. Not getting any broadway tickets, and settling for chinese dinner at Ollie's instead. Strolling along Central Park. Looking at people playing poker in Atlantic City. Cocktail at St. Regis. Free dinner at TGIF. Forever accidentally bumping into things, like yummy frosted cupcakes at Buttercup and Union Oyster Bar, one of the oldest oyster bars in Boston.

Basically from the gist of the last paragraph, we spent the bulk of our time eating. And the other bulk of our time looking for food to eat.

Every moment was special. Each of the 55 meals, 30 nights, 373 pictures and 705 hours we spent together.

I guess all good things have to come to an end. He left 7:50am today, and as im typing, is still flying across the world back to Australia. After such an intense month of sharing every moment and emotion together, suddenly my life just seems completely empty. I don't remember being alone anymore. I just want to wallow in my little hole made out of tim tams and photos and cry my eyes swollen.

And it doesn't help that almost all my exchange friends are gone and suddenly i wished i was only here for one semester. Lonely, displaced and lovesick once more. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

hey hey charissa.. havent talked to you in ages and ages..
this post is soooooo sweet :) i know the heartache of long distance relationships too.. sigh..
have fun with ur exchange! we're so having our late night talks when u come back :)


Anonymous said...

awwww i know how it feels.. cheer up babe and we must meet up when i go to New York in May!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor thing, I know how it feels! Hope u feel better soon :) Just remember why you're on exchange, have fun and time will just fly by! Before u know it, you'll be back in Melbourne, with a tonne of great memories as well! We should def meet up in Melbourne some time! Take care! Arlene

cherry said...

Hey Kenny, Ziyu and Arlene,

Thank you so much for your encouragements...made me feel better!! I guess im still in the pouting sulking bawling stage...Missing you guys and i can't wait to see your again! When you coming to ny ziyu? Drop me a msg and we'l def meet up!

kLairE said...

wow hon i cant believe u actually counted that! lol! i hope ur feeling better now, look fwd to more great memories with him hon! and i knwo waht u mean about holidays and stuff never ending, i wish that my breaks and my time at UNC would never end too :(


talk to me if u need anything!

love ya!


ps: oh haha i also took pictures at 2 of the same spots: the LOVE thing at UPenn and outside the white house.