Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Job is Making Me Fat!!

9:15am – consume miso soup

10am – wander over to reception area to eat chocolate coins

10:15am – accept call for hot chocolate

11am – eat corn with lots of butter

Noon – Lunch of pasta/veal/chicken rice

1pm – go to supermarket to buy Flake chocolate

1:30pm – tea with Flake chocolate

2pm – tea with cookies

3pm – wander over to reception area for more chocolate coins

3:45pm – eat grapes

4:15pm – wander over to Ama’s table for lindt’s chocolate with caramel centre

5pm – grab biscuit off Ade before heading out of the building

5:15om – grab deep friend potato cutlets on the way home

6pm - dinner


dyseluxon said...

It's okie, you can get away with those copious amounts of chocolate eheheh Sounds more like a vacation than a job ehehe that's grand!!!!

Naw, if Aden were Singaporean we'd argue about food ehehe But he's not, so we argued about me tickling his belly and him not liking it ehehe Before that we argued bout him opening an umbrella in my flat and me cracking the shits. Things are going along mighty fine, he's lovely. =) *coy grin*

cherry said...

Awwwwwww...you two sound divine together...so when do i get to meet the lucky man?