Thursday, April 06, 2006

My purpose of being here has been complete

I finally got my first white castle burger at the Harold and Kumar party in my dorm. My life in the states is complete. I can go home in peace now.


Anonymous said...

hm... i still want johnny rockets...


Anonymous said...

white castle burger.. i was just watching harold and kumar yesterday while slacking off from assignments..
cant wait till u come back to melbourne! so much to catch up on :)

ur bracelet-putter-onner-guy

cherry said...

No johny rockets or cinnabon Mr Anonymous....haha...Hi Mr Bracelet-putter-onner-guy...i haven't worn bracelets during this year because I can't put them on!! hehehe....ooh i remember those days of watching harold and kumar with IH..can't wait to be back! hey msg me online never msg me wan!