Monday, November 19, 2007


Few more hours before I leave Melbourne for Sydney.

Was getting all nostalgic packing my three years of Melbourne into 5 boxes.

Waited all morning for moving company to move them to Sydney.

And then darn moving company did not come!

In fact, for some strange reason, they deleted my booking.

ARGHHHHHH!! Stupid stupid moving company.

And to top it off, when I called them again, they asked me if I wanted insurance on my stuff. I was thinking, 'WTH! Just get my stuff to Sydney!'


Leeney said...

Hi Charissa! Have you decided to move to Sydney? When do you arrive and is it for a longer period of time?

cherry said...

Hey Arlene, I actually just got to sydney..will be here for sydney then to tassie and melbourne for graduation...but il be here all year next year! Ya free to catch up next week?