Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Hoilday in Sydney

Sydney grows on you. It gets pretty when you are walking around slowly in places like darling harbour, circular quay, the rocks, chinatown, oxford street or norton street. Sydney reminds me of a mini-new york. Very fast. Very chaotic. Very crowded. Crazy traffic filled with impatient drivers, rude pedastrians and one-way streets covered with traffic lights. But after 10 days there, I'm starting to grow fond of its bright lights, posh nosh bars and pretty harbour front views. I confirmed my internship there in June/July so I'll be back to explore more.

As sad as it sounds, I spent at least 2-3 hours a day in the state library attempting to do some work. It fell into some sort of routine. Bob goes to work. I wake up. Have a heavy brunch usually involving eggs, lots of meat and hot choc. Work in state lib for 2-3 hours. Msn people back in melbourne on what a loser I am. Meet people for lunch or explore sydney on foot. Dinner with Bob. Sleep at 10pm. Found a fantastic laksa and har mee place called Malay Chinese, and chocolate cake at Lindt's concept cafe was out of this world. Brunetti's can't compare.

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