Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Important Words of Advice from the Top Guys

"What do you mean you don't read the Herald Sun and listen to triple J? Do you also sip soy latte and get the AFR delivered to your doorstep?"

Nothing like an external guest speaker to shake everyone out of the academic ivory tower. This has been the best word of advice I have gotten throughout my university life: If you can't connect with the common folks, your marketing career is over. That and what I learned in Wharton: Always keep duplicate copies of everything you fax/email/mail, and if anything goes wrong, blame the intern.


sottovoce said...

hey gal... how's you??

i'm coming to melbourne for my grad trip =)

end of april-first week of may. =))

wanna meet up?

cherry said...

yeah lets meet up for coffee..exactly which dates are you coming?