Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I was randomly surfing through facebook when I located a couple of old friends from secondary school. Fairfield Methodist class of 2000. Right now all of us would be in the same stage of life. Just finishing Uni or first year into our debut job. I remember class 4C being known by our teachers as the naughtiest class in the form. We made our geography teacher cry by singing 'This is the song that doesn't end' over and over again. We made our physics teacher cry cuz...I don't even remember why. We were told by our principal that most of us won't make it to junior college or university, so we should apply for a polytechnic.

Fast forward seven years. As I scroll through most of their profiles, not only are most of my classmates in university, some of them are pursuing masters degrees. And we are dispersed across the globe. Dublin. Japan. Singapore. New York. Illinois. Perth. Sydney. Melbourne. England. And they all seem to be living it up. Travelling. Dating. Marrying. Experiencing food, wine, culture. Working. Studying. Painting. Caring. Playing.

It is such a warm fuzzy feeling to know that my fellow classmates, most of which I haven't spoke to for ages are doing well!

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