Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unicef ULO Party

The 2007/2008 Unicef committee - with a couple of people missing

Playing boxing on Wii!!

It was chicken galore!! KFC nuggets, wicked wings, roast chicken, chicken curry. bbq chicken wings and a custard with lots of eggs in it.

I actually really like being at house parties! Everyone is laughing, joking and just really getting to know each other without feeling like you need to get intoxicated to have fun.

Passing the birthday card between the ex president and the current president, Sara Tajima! We should have a tradition like this every year.

I think some of the most memorable experiences I had this year revolved around Unicef. Two film screenings (both of which the DVD skipped and at one session the projector crashed 20 minutes before the guests started coming in), one flea market and one bake sale. It has been such an awesome experience. Hanging out at the Unicef table during lunch time. Fighting for bubble tea. Running with bags stuffed with clothes. Crazy baking sessions. Meetings in Graduate House. Fretting over the darn DVDs. And just having long random conversations with committee members. It has been such a great learning opportunity.

And as I said in my last speech during the Unicef committee party on Monday, 'Doing Unicef is the only chance in life you get to screw up and not get fired.' Of which the new P and VP told told the new committee, 'Don't screw up!!'

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