Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The best thing in philadelphia is........

For all its ghetto-ness, gun crimes and pathetic weather, Philadelphia makes it up for being restaurant capital of America. And the only thing to look forward to during winter is Restaurant Week. That's when the top restaurant that usually charge a kidney a dish, now charge $30 for a 3 course meal. By accident, I managed to get a seating at Lacriox, voted Best New Restaurant in America 2003 and World's Best Hotel Dining Rooms. Totally lucked out. Amp's friend couldn't make it so she asked me to go with her. And I had no idea it was even a known restaurant until people started making faces at me when I told them.

We had scallops, short rib, skate, chocolate and pistachio gateau and lemon poppyseed cake. The short rib was amazing. The scallops were ok. The chocolate gateau was sinfully dark. It has interesting decoration on its plate. Some frothy thing that looked like spit. Maybe it meant something. Like the futility of life or something. Or maybe the chef did just spit onto the plate.

The chef Jean-Marie Lacroix, one of America's best chef came out to speak with us for a bit. I wanted to ask about the spit but decided not to. I mean ...I was paying $30 for a $68 meal. I should just not speak.

So all in all it was a good night. I made up for spending $30 on a meal the next day by eating only $3 dumplings with kimchi in class. Was happily eating until my friend told me I was stinking up the entire class. So now I'm known as the smelly dumpling girl. Great.

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