Friday, February 16, 2007

And That Is Why I Rather Be a Girl.....

After observing human beings interact for sometime, my conclusion on the modern failure to relationships: Expectations.

Telling it from a girl's point of view. When the girl first meets the boy, all she wants is for him to turn around and acknowledge her presence. After the first date, all she wants is a call from the guy. When they first get together, all she wants is a few dinner outings here and there. And after a while......she expects dinner dates, constant phone calls, remember her birthday/anniversary/valentine's day/dog's birthday etc, shower her with presents, manja her, sayang her, respect her, kiss her, cuddle her, meet her grandparents, go shopping with her, fetch her to school, fix her computer, watch movie with her...and the list goes on.

And girls being girls, we never tell the guy what we expect! Because the guy is suppose to know! If he doesn't know,we think he doesn't love us enough! I bet this is what all guys think is the ideal relationship:

Girl: Ey next monday my birthday. I want a bud light and we can stay at home and watch footy on TV. You can arrange the strippers and I'll order the pizza.

Haha...not in a million years. The last time my former boyfriend wanted to watch X-Man on our first year anniversary, I flipped. All the guys thought it was the best idea ever, while the girls totally sympathized with me.

Advice to all guys: Never suggest watching a guy flick on your girlfriend's birthday or on your anniversary. She normally wants an activity which involves some form of verbal communication. I think playing Daytona and air hockey cuts it for Bob and I. There is action and communication! It is perfect!

P.s Bob I just checked the price of a 8 person Daytona machine - USD40,000. Airhockey table is about USD2000. Just in case you were considering.

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dyseluxon said...

I TOTALLY EMPATHISE WITH YOU PRAWN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!! I do that every year, and dare I say, I'm getting better and better each year ehehe I work a step up each year, and last year I got to WRAP to ngoh hiang... OoOoOohHHhhhhHHH ehehehehe Eh wrapping's a tricky job okie, it's got to be tight and compact, and the right thickness... oohh ehehehe

Air hockey is cool, I'm behind you guys for this hehehe

with regard to the Vday post, I think women should just CHILL!!!! I mean, if you want sth, fucken express it,DUH!!!! Well, I can talk, I expect men to know when to get the fuck out of my life ahahah!! And the Korean restaurant woman, Get a grip! It's the thought behind the action that counts, why does the man have to subscribe to some contrived action that's the expected tie-in with Vday?
Most of the couples that go to Moonlight Cinema in the first place are the ones with failing r/s. ehehe It's true... and they think it's a romantic way to spice up the r/s and rekindle it. Little do that expect 3000 other people to have the same thought in mind ehehe And sometimes they think the best way of rekindling the r/s, is proposing... crazy Melbournians!