Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to Melby I Go

One year ago, in about one week's time, I was in Arizona, battling the snowstorm, running from stray dogs, bonding with strangers turn friends and teaching native american school children how to ensure that their friends do not become speed bumps.

This year in about one week's time, I'll be in Tweed Heads, Queensland, seeing my darling for the first time in about two months.

I am absolutely hopping with excitement and apprehension. How will this year turn out? How will honours be? Will I get a job? Will I be moving to Sydney next year? Will I be going home to Singapore? How will it be without bob in melby?

Same place. Same school. New year.


dyseluxon said...

You know when you watch corny soap dramas at the end there's always this man with a deep voice asking questions like 'Will Gracie ever find true love? Will Thornton discover the truth about his family?' Anyhow, your questions remind me of that eheheh Funny ass ehehhe

This year will be great, make it your year, live for yourself and not others. This year is about me! Indulgent, but hey, if you don't make it work for yourself, who will? And let's not let psycho people ruin it for us. Cheers!

chiadawn said...

hey babe!!

go take a break and haf fun!!
cos u deserve it:)