Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Bye and I Wish I Tried Harder

Today is the first time I confronted someone willingly.

Today is the first time my friendship consciously ended.

Sometimes to love someone is to let the person know that you mean it when you said you had enough.


Anonymous said...

hey, quite the chef now aren't ya? the meatballs look good man. i really liked your superstar theory. has a nice depressing edge to it, the kind that makes you wonder why you're even doing what you're doing in the first place. anyways, toodle loo. - jus

patey said...

good for you dammit!
You don't cease to blow me away, and not only that, but doing it while constantly looking Oh-So fabulous.

huuugs dearest C

cherry said...

hello!! Patey you are amazing too!! Hows life? I heard it is freezing where you are! Justin, good bumping into you at chijmes!! whatcha up to now?