Friday, February 02, 2007

There Should Be an Oscar Nominee For Best Tear Jerker Movie

Watched Babel and cried so much I think strangers started getting concerned. I was literally sobbing into my skirt. At the end I cried so much I couldn't breathe and had eyes so red it looked like my marriage ended. I cry when I watch any show. I cried when Simba's dad died. I cried when the genie appeared in Aladdin. I cried when Harry Met Sally. I cried when I watched Friends. And through it all, my trusty Fibrewig mascara never ran on me. Who needs waterproof Maybelline when my Japanese kitschy mascara is as trusty as a Honda.

After mopping up the puddle I made, I went for my first tango class. Tango looks deceptively easy on TV than it actually is in real life. The girl has absolutely no idea what the guy is going to do next. And there are no hand signals unlike salsa. I was concentrating so hard it must have been funny to look at. And almost everyone there was married. And with their partners. And so it was awkward for me to dance with any guy there. When the instructor announced, "Everyone find a partner," all the girls glued themselves on to their husbands while I stood around looking like a home-wrecker.

And I miss my boyfriend. Long distance is too long. I have spoken more about him than with him in the last one week. Sigh...... I miss you Bob!! I made you muffins. But I ate them on your behalf.

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