Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Give me a kangaroo instead.

My skin is crawling, my throat is hoarse from shouting and it doesn't help that my carpet is grey, like that mouse.

I'm gonna sound like an ignorant spoilt prat, but yes this is the first time I've seen a mouse.

Comments so far:

"Better get them before they eat your dresses.."

" big deal...once the cold comes more mice will hibernate in your room"

"you look traumatised charissa"

"So you didn't find it cute?"

"hahahahahahahahahahah.......that's kinda a non funny kind of way"

"Yeah we had a mouse in our room...we put a mouse trap there and it never came back."
"Yeah you know why.....cuz the freaking mouse is in my room right now!!!"

Nik printed out a notice that says "You have no mice whatsoever" and stuck it onto my door.

I called the mice people. I'm convinced they were sniggering as they took down my details. They are so not coming I assure you.

I gather the general consensus is: Suck it up princess, the plague is nowhere near yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lets name him mickey!!! =D
or minnie depending on how u look at it.