Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I hope the dentists are happy...

What the movie Mean Girls' said about Halloween being an excuse for girls to dress up slutty is completely true. According to Ed, Halloween is every boy's fantasy. When they were little, it was free candy, and when they grow up, its a weekend of watching girls in the tiniest schoolgirl uniform or skin tight nurse outfit. In America, Halloween is an excuse to party straight through a weekend. We were quite determined to live that one up.

Our halloween festivities started on Friday as Ed, Ar and I trooped down to South Street, land of sex shops and costume festishes. The entire UPENN was there. I scored a french maid costume, Ar scored a little bo peep one and Ed wanted to be a vagina. No really...he wanted to be a vagina. And there was a costume for that. A giant walking vagina. Made of plastic foam. Then someone bought it, so he had to contend with being a fat french maid with pink hair.

Me: That means someone bought your vagina suit.
Ed: Yeah, someone stole my vagina.
Me: Whao..that's depressing.

So we spent most of friday night at the Zigma Psi party and met a terrorist, tina turner, a pirate, a purple hair something and some guy with cups stuck to his back. Went to a Lamda party for a bit which ended with a fight. And ended up at bucks county eating nuts and scaring the studying patrons there. Walked the very drunk pink haired big boobed french maid back. Got pulled over by the police because Mr french maid was trying to pick them up. Funniest image ever: An actual policeman lecturing a guy, in drag with pink hair, on halloween.

Saturday. Swop dresses with ar and became little bo peep. Except no one seem to have heard of that character before. I got asked ten thousand times if I was a french maid, a milk maid, a farmer, red riding hood. I meant yeah, cos' my costume is red and i have a hood. Sigh.

Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong party. Alot of drunk people. ALOT of drunk people. Sat in the living room and got amused by drunk people falling over, falling down, talking in cantonese, fighting, falling on coat rack, telling me they are fucking doctors, throwing up etc etc etc. I would have filmed it, except i would have gotten beaten up. Went to philly diner's for supper. Another amazing sight. Imagine a whole restaurant covered with people decked out in the weirdest costumes. It's like the circus is in town. Interesting.

So by the time Halloween actually came, the mood to party has passed. I spent the actual halloween night at Hallelujah night, a program for the the church and west philly kids. We had wordship and games which meant alot of screaming, shouting and shoving. I was in charge of the "Dig for candy" game. It was very easy. Box full of newspaper shreds and candy. Five seconds. Dig. Get candy. But noooooo....they have to dive into the box, pull the newspaper out, fight to get candy and ask me over and over again, what are the rules of the game.

Me: Ok I'm gonna count down from five and you get as many candy as you can. Five, four, tree..
Kid: Haha...she said tree...tree..haha...its three
Me: *stare* Ok you're out..who's next?

And no I did not dress up as a french maid for that. I was highly encouraged not to.

All in all, it was a good experience. Although I still think its all a marketing gimmick by the candy company and costume shops to boosts sales because when else would people dress up to make a fool of themselves and decay their teeth for no reason.

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