Friday, November 18, 2005

Wha food!!

I realise this post is about food again. Except this time im the one eating it. It's funny when you put a group of people, who aren't exactly the most proficient in cooking, together. You hear things like:

Me:Eh....the box say we should put the chicken in now. Oh shit...oh no oh no...argh!!

Darren: Eh i got new weapon, pork ribs!! *proceeds to banish pork ribs around*

Darren: Why the hell are you waving a piece of chicken at me?

Ryan (While just peeling potatos): Man...this is so so not made for this job.

Ali: Hey...i brought dessert all the way from morocco. It's called Haagen-Dazs ice cream!!

All (at pot of bak kut teh overflowing): ARGH!!!

But the food was all good!! Or at least we kid ourselves into believing it was. We had Bak kut teh, chicken curry, stir fried beef, stir fried veggie, pasta, japanese beef stew and yes, ice cream all the way from morocco. We ate. Talked about sex. Ate. Talk about sex. Ate. Talked about other stuff. Drink tea/coffee and eh...talked about sex.

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