Friday, November 11, 2005

In Class today...

There was a simple graph on the board.

There are two variables. A and B.

30% of households own good A.

30% of households own good B.

40% of households own neither good A or B.

Imagine this data in a block graph format.

Girl in third row in front of me puts up her hand.

Girl: The graph does not make sense...why does 40% of households own neither A or B?

Teacher: Because 60% of households own either A or B, therefore 100%-60%=40%

Girl: Ohhhhhhh.

I could have died laughing.

I think for my intolerance i was punished by not having anyone to eat lunch and dinner with.


Ash said...

so mean :P but that was funny.

cherry said...

It would have been mean anywhere else...but come on...its the university which claims itself to be ivy league...hee...