Monday, November 14, 2005


Random snippets of conversation while Claire, Julius, Mike and I are "studying".

Mike (who is chinese): What is hakka? is it a kind of dim sum dish?

Me: What is a dime?
Guy who asked me for a dime: *blink blink*
Me: He looked at me like I was retarded or something.

Julius: Where do bunnies come from?
Mike: Other bunnies?

Mike: Hey lets dance!
*All bounce to techno in study hall*

Me: You are a terrible studyer Julius, you should just give up and become an electrician

Julius: Ya man, the people on the plane were so fat its like they are going for some save the whale convention.

Me: It's anti-hunger week next week!!
Mike: So we have to eat more?
Me: No...we have to fast for poor people
Mike: But its against hunger.
Me: And so what do you do for anti-drugs week? Take drugs?
Mike: Precisely.

Me: bhsluifhsihfioshfuhfuzshfduioszhfisdhfizdhfish
Mike: Told you australians can't speak english.

Gosh...i love my small group.

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