Saturday, November 12, 2005

Social retard...

I was at a friend's birthday party last night when i turn to my Swedish friend and told him he looks familiar, like my friend Parky, in a very Hitler kind of way.

Yeah cause' my ediquette book taught me the best way to keep friends is tell them they remind me of Hitler.

Everyone in the one metre radius around me was flabbergasted. There was a moment of silence. My friend looked half amused and half in pain.

I tried telling him that he looks like Hitler in a good way.

That didn't help things.

I won't hold it against him if the entire Swedish community stop talking to me forever.

Gosh i'm a social suicide case.


Snipergirl said...

I once told my German biology teacher that she should stop acting like such a Nazi. Big mistake.

jen said...

my a levels teacher told everyone i was a nazi. she told everyone to stay away from me because i was a nazi and would most likely like...i dunno...gas them and put their bodies into a gigantic boiler and mould the fat that seeped out into soap. big bitch. i love your blog by the way. very entertaining :)

cherry said... glad im not the only social suicide case in this world..telling ppl they are like hitler/the nazi/kkk seems to be the fashionable insult these days. Except i wasn't even trying to be insulting. I was actually trying to compliment him.

P.s thanks jen for your compliment...i cracked up when i read your blogger profile about pushing old people into cement