Friday, November 18, 2005

My Virgin Experience

How do guys do it? Pee next to each other. I symphatise with you guys having to go through that ordeal daily.

Was at a party in the bar on 43rd and chester and i needed to pee. I walked into the toilet and lo and behold, there were two toilet bowls. In the same cubicle. With no walls, seperating the two toilet bowls. Just two bowls....and a sink. And it was a co-ed bathroom. Whoever designed the toilet is the dumbest ass on earth.

I just stood at the door and stared. And the girl putting on lipstick at the sink looked at me like i was an idiot. "Close the freaking door," she said.

So yes...that was my virgin experience peeing in full view of a stranger. i couldn't take the awkwardness, so i fiddled around with my handphone while i tried to pee. Which was hard. Cuz' i was feeling awkward. So i looked like i was trying to shit. which might have freaked her out. and i think im putting too much information about my sanitary habits on this blog.

Noel says as long as you don't stare its alright.
And Jonas just introduces me as the girl that tells dead baby jokes.


Houston said...

hiyah...what a disappointment...for a moment when i saw the headline "My Virgin Experience"...i held my breath for a while an thought "oh this it?" thankfully...i thought wrong! cheers!

Mark said...

If you think that's bad, I bet this can beat it. Last fall semester, I was at an apartment party. There was a long line for the bathroom and there were four guys, including myself, that needed to pee very very badly and with others behind us. So, we agreed to go in at the same time (all four of us). Remember: there's only one toilet. So, two of us peed in the toilet, one in the sink, and one in the shower. hahaha. You're probably thinking GROSS, but whatev. And, I don't recall where I peed cause I was really drunk. lol. welcome to the US.

Finally, when two guys have to pee next to each other, it's not that bad. We usually have a "sword fight." HAHAHA. In short, there's no need for the sympathy but thanks anyways.

cherry said...

You guys have a "sword fight"? Tell me its not what i think it is. Is it just you mark or do all guys have sword fights? Do you have sword fights too houston?

hee...yeah im sorry the title is a disappointment houston...hee...i just realised how misleading it is...but yes...back to the sword fights...